Fifty years Memorial Monumnet of Atomic Bombing
Fifty years Memorial Monumnet of Atomic Bombing
This Institute (GENKEN) was established as an attached facility of School of Medicine in 1962, then became one of the independent Institutes of Nagasaki University in 2013. The original mission was the establishment and propulsion of radiation medicine, and care and research for the late effects of radiation on human. During the 50 year-period, our research area has expanded to cover international Hibakusha medicine and molecular epidemiology through the accident of Chernobyl nuclear power plant and the research in Semipalatinsk Nuclear-testing Site during the former USSR era. After Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident in 2011, the accumulation of experiences and research results in this field prompted us to contribute to the re-establishment of emergency radiation medicine at Fukushima, risk communication/management on ionizing radiation, and the start-up of health check-up system for people in Fukushima prefecture.

In this institute, there are four main units and one center; “Radiation Risk Control Unit”, “Cellular Function Analysis Unit”, “Genomic Function Analysis Unit” and “Atomic Bomb Disease and Hibakusha Medicine Unit” and “the Center for Promotion of Collaborative Research on Radiation and Environment Hearth Effects”. These units and center cover wide range of research field of radiation science. We study the effects/influences of radiation on genome, cells, model animals, human body, environment, and society. Division of Scientific Data Registry, and Belarus and Kawauchi-village Branches are placed under the control of “the Center”. Division of Scientific Data Registry collects and preserves data and samples of atomic bomb survivors. Kawauchi-village Branch assists the reconstruction of the Kawauchi-village and promoting the return of people to their home-town.

We will continue to provide our unique and valuable Hibakusha's materials and information as a common inheritance to all human beings, and simultaneously to do our best to establish the measures for radiation protection in medicine and contribute to the improvement of welfare of human being.
April, 2017
The director, Yasushi Miyazaki, M.D.