Our aim is to clarify health effects of ionizing radiation through epidemiological studies in Hibakusha (radiation-exposed victims), not only in Japan but also in countries of the former Soviet Union.

We have been conducting joint studies with an invited visiting scholar from overseas institutions and extend international collaboration networks. One of the major directions is molecular pathological/epidemiological studies, which are the core of our projects. Through these activities, we aim at transmitting information on radiation risks and develop risk communications together with international organizations.

Current projects:

We work together with the Depatment of Radiation Medical Sciences, so please visit its website.

Visiting Professor

Ainur AKILZHANOVA, MD PhD, Professor, from Nazarbayev University, Astana, Kazakhstan


Vladimir SAENKO, PhD, Associate Professor

Norisato MITSUTAKE, MD PhD, Professor (Dept of Radiation Medical Sciences)

Tatiana ROGOUNOVITCH, MD PhD (Dept of Radiation Medical Sciences)