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Professor: Tao-Sheng Li
  Tel: +81-95-819-7097
E-mail: litaoshe@nagasaki-u.ac.jp
1991 Graduated from Jiangxi Medical College, China. (MD)
1991-1995 Resident, Department of Thoracic Surgery, Jiangxi Cancer Center Hospital, China.
1996-2000 Monbusho Scholarship Student, Yamaguchi University Graduate School of Medicine, Japan (PhD)
2000-2004 Postdoctoral Fellow, Yamaguchi University Graduate School of Medicine, Japan
2004-2009 Assistant Professor, Yamaguchi University Graduate School of Medicine, Japan
2008-2009 Visiting Research Scientist, The Heart Institute, Cedar-Sinai Medical Center. U.S.A.
2009-2010 Research Scientist II (Faculty), The Heart Institute, Cedar-Sinai Medical Center. U.S.A
2010-2011 Associate Professor, Yamaguchi University Graduate School of Medicine, Japan
2011- Professor & Chairman, Nagasaki University Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, Japan
Research Key Words  Stem Cells, Regenerative Medicine, Cancer Stem Cells, Radiation
Short Message  If you do your best, the way opens up!
Assistant Professor: Shinji Goto
  Tel: +81-95-819-7099
Degree  MD. PhD
Research Key Words  Cancer Stem Cell Biology, Radiation Biology, Pathological Biochemistry
Short Message  I would like to have a more productive day than yesterday
Assistant Professor: Tsuyoshi Kawabata
  Tel: +81-95-819-7099
Degree  Ph.D.
Research Key Words  Autophagy, maintenance of genomic information, DNA replication stress,Cancer
Short Message  My research interest is to reveal how autophagy keeps cellular and tissue homeostasis via maintenance of genomic information to prevent a line of diseases. Especially, I have been focusing on DNA replication stress, which causes gross chromosomal rearrangements related to cancer development.
Ph.D. student: Kazuaki Ohashi
  Tel: +81-95-819-7099
Research Key Words  Obstetrics , Gynecology
Short Message  Take things on step at a time.
Ph.D. student: Noriko Shigetomi
  Tel: +81-95-819-7099
Research Key Words  
Short Message  
Ph.D. student: Xu Zhang
  Tel: +81-95-819-7099
Research Key Words  
Short Message  I have two scalpels, one to remove pain and one to dissect the mind.
Ph.D. student: Da Zhai
  Tel: +81-95-819-7099
Research Key Words  Tumor Biology
Short Message  Study and work hard, making our youth more radiant
Ph.D. student: Zisheng Huang
  Tel: +81-95-819-7099
Research Key Words  Liver Fibrosis
Short Message  Never put off what you can do today until tomorrow.
Ph.D. student: Mahmoud Osman Khalifa Osman
  Tel: +81-95-819-7099
Research Key Words  Stem Cell Biology, Regenerative Medicine
Short Message  egenerative Medicine is the challenge future & Life is a gift should be correctly exploited.
 Treat people as you like to be treated.
Ph.D. student: Kai Huang
  Tel: +81-95-819-7099
Research Key Words  Radiotherapy of cancer cells
Short Message  Better late than never.
Ph.D. student: Lina Abdelhamid Abdelhamid Abdelghany
  Tel: +81-95-819-7099
Research Key Words  Cancer pharmacology
Short Message  Research is to see what everybody else has seen,and to think what nobody else has thought. So,with strong well, smart and hard working there will always be a way.Never give up.Fight for what you want.
Ph.D. student: MHD Yousuf Yassouf
  Tel: +81-95-819-7099
Research Key Words  Stem cells
Short Message  If you believe in yourself and strive hard for your dreams, you will achieve them before you know.
Ph.D. student: Yong Xu
  Tel: +81-95-819-7099
Research Key Words  Pulmonary fibrosis
Short Message  Smart out of hard work , genius lies in accumulation.
Skill Asistant: Reiko Sekiya
  Tel: +81-95-819-7099
Short Message  
Secretary : Chieko Fukamachi
  Tel: +81-95-819-7099
Short Message  

  Yoshishige Urata
(Assistant Professor, Advanced Medical Education Center, Nagasaki University School of Medicine)

Chiaki Inatomi
(Lecturer, Nagasaki University Hospital)

Miho Kawakatsu
(Technical Assistant, Department of Cardiovascular Medicine, Nagasaki University Hospital)
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