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1. Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine
The dysfunction of tissue-specific stem cells is known to cause various diseases, which is highly expected to be cured by regenerative medicine. We are interesting to investigate the impact of tissue microenvironment on stem cells and regenerative medicine under pathological conditions.

2. Stem Cells & Radiation Injury
Radiation effect, especially non-cancer disease risks has not been completely understood. By focusing on the tissue-specific stem cells, we are interesting to examine the radiation effects and further develop novel strategy for the mitigation of radiation injury.

3. Cancer Stem Cells & Stem Cells
Tissue-specific stem cells are considering as the origin of cancer, and cancer stem cells also resident in cancer. We are interesting to clarify the common cell biological characteristics between normal tissue-specific stem cells and cancer stem cells, as well as their relationship.

4. Cancer Biology of Autophagy and Genome Stability
Bulk degradation pathway autophagy is indispensable for maintenance of cellular and tissue homeostasis, and thus prevents a range of diseases such as neurodegenerative disorders and diabetes. Particularly, autophagy plays unique roles in cancer biology since it not only suppresses carcinogenesis by keeping cellular functions in normal tissues but also promotes tumorigenesis as cancer cells are often addicted to autophagy to fulfill their huge energy requirements. In this “double edge sword” context and tumor heterogeneity, we will integrate concepts of genome instability via DNA replication stress and cancer stem cells in autophagy which leads to an establishment of novel concepts in cancer biology of autophagy. Considering a multi-function of autophagy, we will perform multidisciplinary approach involving a wide variety of research fields to interpret this complexity.

5. Newts for Biomedical Studies
It is well known that newts have strong regenerative ability but do not cause cancer. As a very attractive experimental animal, we are interesting to use newts for biomedical studies, including regenerative medicine, radiation biology, and basic cell biology.

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