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Visiting Report of Republic of Kazakhstan Report

On August-September 2007, Dr. Ichiro Sekine (Professor, Department of Tumor and Diagnostic Pathology), Dr. Serik Meirmanov (Assistant Professor, Tissue and Histopathology Section), Dr. Shunichi Yamashita (Professor, Department of Molecular Medicine), Dr. Noboru Takamura (Associate Professor, Department of Public Health) and Dr. Ainur Akilzhanova (Visiting Researcher, Department of Tumor and Diagnostic Pathology) visited Republic of Kazakhstan, in order to promote the collaboration studies within a framework of Global COE project. Furthermore, Dr. Shigeru Kohno (Dean, Nagasaki University School of Medicine) also visited with Dr. Yamashita’s team, in order to follow up trainees who have been invited to Nagasaki by Nagasaki Association for Hibakushas’ Medical Care (NASHIM).
Dr. Sekine, Dr. Meirmanov and Dr. Alipov Gabit (Dean, Kazakh Medical University, Almaty) discussed with relevant organizations about future collaboration studies in the field of pathology. Drs. Kohno and Yamashita also visited relevant institutes and universities which participated in the 21st Century COE Program, and had meetings about further activities within a framework of Global COE Program. At Semipalatinsk Medical Academy, Dr. Kohno awarded “the 7th Nagasaki International Medical Student Encouraging Prize” to two medical students for their outstanding school records. He also gave a special lecture about the 150th anniversary of the Nagasaki University School of Medicine, which seemed to give a great impression to participating medical students.
Representatives of relevant organizations are being invited to The First International Symposium of Nagasaki University Global COE Program “Global Strategic Center for Radiation Health Risk Control”, which will be held in January/February 2008. Further development of academic exchanges within a framework of Global COE Program is definitely expected.

Noboru Takamura, Department of Public Health

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