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Visiting Report of Republic of Belarus and Russian Federation Report

Dr. Noboru Takamura, Associate Professor of Department of Public Health and Mr. Masanori Omiya, coordinator of GCOE project visited Republic of Belarus and Russian Federation. They discussed with Mr. Shevchuk, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Health, and agreed to promote collaboration studies, including the establishment of representative office of Nagasaki University in Belarus.
They also visited Belarussian Medical University and Belarussian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, in order to the future collaboration studies including exchange programs, and discussed with Mr. Matsuzaki, Ambassador of Japanese Embassy in the Republic of Belarus about the collaboration between Nagasaki University and Embassy through the grass route projects and other exchange programs.
Then, they moved to Gomel, where was mostly affected by the accident of Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, and visited Gomel Medical University and formed Diagnostic Center, in order to discuss the future collaboration studies. It was decided to deliver the remote-lecture from Nagasaki to Gomel on 25 April 2008, and to invite medical students who underwent thyroidectomy due to radiation exposure by the accident, as well as doctors and specialists.
Furthermore, they moved to Bryansk region in Russian Federation, where was also affected by the accident. They visited Bryansk Regional Hospital No.2, and discussed the future collaboration studies on the screening of residents in this region. Nagasaki University rent an ultrasonography to this hospital for this project, and Dr. Takamura demonstrated how to operate it at the hospital.
Based on these results, it is expected to develop further collaboration studies in the field of “Medical Care for Hibakusha”.

Noboru Takamura, Department of Public Health

Meeting with Gomel medical universityÅfs students who were operated thyroid cancer.
Demonstration of ultrasonography in Bryansk Regional Hospital No.2.
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