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Reports on Overseas' Conferences and Meetings
Bulletin report on
The 90th Annual Meeting of The Endocrine Society

Yuji Nagayama, Department of Medical Gene Technology

The 90th Annual Meeting of The Endocrine Society was held at the Moscone Center and San Francisco Marriott Hotel in San Francisco, USA on June 15 to 18, 2008. I had studied in Veterans Administration Medical Center in San Francisco for three years from 1989 to 1992 as a research fellow, and for two months in 1997 as an overseas research personnel of the Ministry of Education, Japan. Therefore this was my first trip to this city in the last eleven years. The aforementioned convention center and the hotel were built in the Mission district which used to be a dangerous area. Tatiana Rogounovitch and Natallia Akulevich submitted their papers, and Natallia-san participated in the meeting and presented these two papers as posters. The paper from my group was accepted as an oral presentation.

Like other meetings in USA, enthusiastic presentations and active discussions were performed from early morning to late afternoon or sometimes to evening. Regarding thyroid cancer research, we found many interesting presentations such as expression of pseudo-Braf gene, translation studies on molecular targeted therapy, analysis of intracellular signaling in cancer cells, and etc. The two posters by Natallia-san and Tatiana-san were presented in this field. The papers in the field of the TSH receptor include dimerization of the receptor, analysis of the receptor structure by using monoclonal anti-TSH receptor antibodies and identification of the receptor agonists and antagonists. Our data on thyroid autoimmunity in AIRE KO mice (a collaboration with Basil Rapoport and Sandra McLachlan in USA) were presented in the filed of thyroid autoimmunity.

The following is the tiles of the oral and poster presentations from this institute.
A Misharin, H Aliesky, Y Nagayama, B Rapoport, SM McLachlan. Aire-deficiency modulates induction of TSHR antibodies and hyperthyroidism in a mouse model of Graves’disease. (OR50-2)
TI Rogounovitch, VA Saenko, S Mankouskaya, T Demidchik, M Matsuse, N Mitsuteke, S Yamashita. Molecular and clinico-pathological analysis of pediatric thyroid cancers in Belarus. (P2-261)
NM Akulevich, VA Saenko, TI Rogounovitch, VM Drozd, S Yamashita. Thyroid cancer susceptibility: implication of ATM and TP53 genetic variations in papillary thyroid carcinoma of different etiology. (P3-330)

Natallia-san won the poster competition in Clinical–Thyroid Cancer III category. Congratulations!

Dr. Natallia Akulevich
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