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The 3rd Seminar

Palliative Care in Scotland and England

Mr. Andrew Anderson
Maggie’s Center Bureau Chief, Scotland
Prof. Robert Leonard
Caring Cross Hospital, Imperial College School of Medicine, UK

Patients who live with cancer, their family, and volunteer activity to support those family started “Maggie’s Centre” in Edinburgh, Scotland. Mental psychological care has been developed based on EBM under the supervision of Professor Robert Leonard who is the first person of the tumor medicine specialized in the chemotherapy mainly on the breast cancer, and they have opened centers in Glasgow, Dundee, Highlands, and Fife, and not only those, they’ve got centers in Oxford and South West Wales, too. They are now planning to open 5 more centers in UK. End-of-life care started in Saint Christopher, which is located in a suburb of UK in 1967, and it was also introduced into Japan in 1981. The home and prominent hospice care is prepared in a specialized outpatient or hospice into each place. A cancer palliative therapy network has been got ready by Nagasaki Doctor Network (Dr. Shirahige will present). Now we have a representative from Maggie’s Center to Nagasaki for the first time in Japan. After we listen to the present conditions of concrete hospice care, please ask him your doubt of the usual times about it. We would like to think about with medical personnel whether mind and form of Maggie’s Center can root in Western medicine birthplace Nagasaki.
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