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Promoting joint usage/research center projects that will support the restoration of Fukushima after the accident together with related organizations in Japan and overseas.

Atomic Bomb Disease Institute (GENKEN) was established in 1962 with a focus on medical care and epidemiological research for atomic bomb survivors. Since then, GENKEN has been involved in international medical support for nuclear test sites in the former Soviet Union, the Chernobyl nuclear accident, and the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident. Since 2016, we have established the Network-type Joint Usage/Research Center for Radiation Disaster Medical Science with Hiroshima University and Fukushima Medical University. Currently, researchers from various academic fields, along with many graduate students from Japan and abroad, are conducting research on a wide range of topics: from genomes to cells and tissues, basic medicine at the individual level, clinical medicine, and social medicine. We also promote exploratory research in the fields of radiation therapy, nuclear medicine, emergency radiation medicine, regenerative medicine, rare disease diagnostics, and thyroid cancer management. Additionally, we aim to provide educational programs that contribute to prevention and safety measures for radiation disasters, utilizing knowledge of social medicine such as radiation risk communication.
Russia's invasion of Ukraine has brought a sense of nuclear tension in the international community, which must not happen. Our mission is to establish a framework for preventing radiation disaster and managing global risks. We also advocate for policies and develop human resources with the goal of abolishing nuclear weapons. Following the philosophy of Planetary Health promoted by Nagasaki University, we take an interdisciplinary approach to radiation-related issues and strive to create the best possible society for radiation. Our staff is dedicated to these missions.

May, 2023
Director, Atomic Bomb Disease Institute
Masahiro Nakashima, M.D., Ph.D.

Masahiro Nakashima

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The 192nd Seminar of ADBI was held on 26 June 2024.
The 191st Seminar of ADBI will be held on 18 July 2024.
The 190th Seminar of ADBI was held on 22 May 2024.