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Final report of findings of the Manhattan district atomic bombs investigating groups at Hiroshima and Nagasaki(19 April 1946)
The general purpose of the mission was twofold. The more comprehensive aspect was to observe the total effects of the atomic bombs on the cities and the people exposed. The specific objective was to investigate any unique effects due to radiation.
The medical study is presented herewith. The study concerning radioactivity (Tybout) is presented in Section B of this report. The investigations of physical damage to Hiroshima (Varley) and to Nagasaki (Youngs) constitute Section C.

Letter, Henry L. Barnett


 Section A. Medical Study

Part I. Clinical and Laboratory
Chapter  I. Personnel and Procedures
 Investigating group, General sample of patients studied,
 Method of collection of data, Reliability, Data studied
Chapter  II. Description of Group Studied.
 Total group, City and sex, Hospital, Age
Chapter  III. Description of Findings
 Casualty estimates, Burns, Mechanical injuries, Radiation injuries
Chapter  IV. Cause of Injuries
 Burns, Mechanical injuries, Radiation injuries
 A. Evidence that symptoms were due to ionizing radiation
 B. Evidence concerning injury from persistent radioactivity
 C. Biological calibration of gamma ray intensity
Chapter  V. Conclusions

Part II . Pathology
Chapter I. Description of Material Studied
Chapter  II. Description  of  Findings
 Injuries other than radiation, Radiation Injuries
 A. Physiological effects in animals
 B. Pathological effects in animals
 C. Pathological effects in human beings
Chapter  III. Conclusions

Appendix I
 Report I
 Report II

Appendix II
 Report I
 Report II

 Section B. Radiation in Hiroshima and Nagasaki

I.  Summary
 II.  Gamma  Radiation  Measured  in  Japan
 A. Hiroshima, B. Nagasaki,  C. Integrated Dose from Residual Radiation
 III. Sample Analysis
 A. Photographic Films, B.Human & Animal Bone Samples,
 C. Soil & Metallic Samples
 IV.  Conclusions
 V.  Acknowledgements
 VI.  Table of Nomenclature
 VII.  References

Appendix C

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