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In April 1997, the Division of Scientific Data Registry, Atomic Bomb Disease Institute, Nagasaki University School of Medicine was established as a result of integration of the former Atomic Disease Institute with the Scientific Data Center for the Atomic Bomb Disaster. This division took over the organization and work of the Scientific Data Center and consists of the Biostatistics Section and the Tissue and Histopathology Section. The Biostatistics Section is engaged in maintaining of basic information on atomic bomb victims and health, and medical information as well as collection and compilation of medical literature, documentary accounts, photos, movies, and audio-recordings. The major missions of the Tissue and Histopathology Section are collection and compilation of autopsy cases of atomic bomb victims, preservation and pathological study of organs, collection and compilation of surgical cases and cases of acute atomic bomb disease, and preservation and compilation of data on atomic bomb victims returning from the U.S. Such enormous data are still being inputted and accumulated in advanced computer system. There is also a Data Exhibition Room that clearly explains the medical consequences of atomic bombing.

Sixty-four years have passed since the atomic bombing of Nagasaki, and 0-year-old survivors are now 63 years old. As the number of atomic bomb survivors has been annually decreasing, it is of concern that the "atomic bombing" may sink into oblivion as a historical event and its memory may fade with time. However, atomic bombs that have incredible destructive power compared with conventional weapons and cause irreparable damage such as genetic damage and carcinogenesis should not be used again. The atomic bombing of Nagasaki should be the last use of nuclear weapons by mankind. We, the staff members of the Data Registry Division, make continuous efforts to collect, preserve, and research this tragic medical data on atomic bombs, and leave this negative legacy of mankind as scientific data to posterity.

April 2013
Division of Scientific Data Registry
Atomic Bomb Disease Institute
Nagasaki University
 Noboru Takamura

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