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The Bloodstained Lab Coat of Dr. Issei Nishimori
Professor emeritus of Nagasaki University, passed way on Dec.10, 2000, aged 80

Still a student at the time, Dr. Issei Nishimori was wearing this lab coat and examining a dermatoiogy patient in the outpatient clinic at Nagasaki Medical College Hospital when the atomio bomb exploded. The bloodstains tell of the more than 30 cuts he suffered from flying splinters of glass.

The point of Exposure

Dr. Issei Nishimori was exposed to the atomic bomb explosion in the dermatology outpatient clinic at Nagasaki Medical College Hospital. The clinic was located in a room on the third story of a four-story reinforced concrete building 691 meters from the hypocenter. The room was on the side of the building away from the hypocenter.


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