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  The Medical Effects of Atomic Bombing  
  Atomic Bomb Rescue and Relief Report:Dr.Takashi Nagai  
  Pathological Effects : Dr. Issei Nishimori  
  My Experience and Damages : Dr. Raisuke Shirabe  
  Dr. Raisuke Shirabe's Survey Sheets  
  Final Report of Manhattan Investigation  
  Archives related to damage from Atomic bombing  
  A-bomb experiences of medical staffs  
  Reminiscences at the time (Japanese)  
  Exhibition Room  
  Atomic Bombing Q&A for Kids  
  Atomic Bomb Survivor Database  
  70th Memorial Ceremony  
  ABDI 50th Anniversary exhibition:Investigation just after the bombing  
  Takashi Nagai 60 years Memorial Celemony after his death  
  30th Anniversary Meeting for Establishment of Database  
  Doctors' Experience of Atomic Bombing -60th Memorial Ceremony -  
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