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Prof. Takamura's letter about the efforts on Fukushima of Nagasaki University published by "Science" magazine

Science 6 May 2016
Vol.352, No.6286

On the issue of 5 May of “Science”, which is one of the leading scientific journal in the world, three letters about efforts of Nagasaki University and Fukushima Medical University after the accident at Fuksuhima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station. From Nagasaki University, Professor Noboru Takamura et al. wrote about the activities of Nagasaki University–Kawauchi Village Reconstruction Promotion Base, and from Fukushima Medical University, Dr Makoto Miyazaki et al. wrote about the risk communication with residents, and Dr Sanae Midorikawa et al. wrote about Fukushima Health Management Survey. In Fukushima, there are still many residents who have excessive anxieties to radiation. Continuous dialogue with residents will be definitely needed for health professionals in Fukushima.